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Data Science Training

Metis accelerates the careers of data scientists by providing full-time immersive bootcamps.


Here's what you'll learn at the bootcamp.

Course Details

12-Week, in-person Bootcamp
Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 6:00pm
2-3 hours of classroom instruction daily
4-6 hours of development and project work
Conveniently located at Kaplan City Campus @ PoMo, Singapore

Entry Requirements

Minimum Age: 21
Academic Level: Minimum A-Level or Higher with working experience in Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) related industries
Language Proficiency: GCE O-Level pass equivalent of English proficiency
Work Experience: Not required, but candidates should ideally demonstrate, through the application process including the coding challenges, that they have programming experience (ie. writing code) and experience studying or using statistics, machine learning or computational modeling by way of previous coursework, research or job-related experience.
An applicant is required to go through an interview session as part of the selection process.

Our next Metis Data Science bootcamp is scheduled to start on 15th December 2020. Contact Us to find out more.

Online Pre-Work

25 hours minimum of academic pre-work and variable hours to setup.

Bootcamp Summary

Week 1: Introduction to the Data Science Toolkit
Exploratory Data Analysis, Bash, Git & GitHub, Python, pandas, matplotlib, Seaborn
Week 2: Linear Regression and Machine Learning Intro
Web scraping via BeautifulSoup and Selenium, regression with statsmodels and scikit-learn, feature selection overfitting and train/test splits, probability theory.
Week 3: Linear Regression and Machine Learning Continued
Regularisation, hypothesis testing , intro to Bayes Theorem
Week 4: Databases and Introduction to Machine Learning Concepts
Classification and regression algorithms (Knn, logistic regression, SVM, decision trees, and random forest), SQL concepts, cloud servers
Week 5: More supervised learning algorithms & web tools
Naive Bayes, stochastic gradient descent and intro to Deep Learning, Full stack in a nutshell: Python Flask, Javascript and D3.js
Week 6: Statistical Fundamentals
MLE, GLM, Distributions, Databases (RESTful APIs, NoSQL databases, MongoDB, pymongo) Natural Language Processing techniques
Week 7: Unsupervised Machine Learning
Various clustering algorithms, including K-means and DBSCAN, dimension reduction techniques (PCA, SVD, LDA, NMF)
Week 8: More Deep Learning & Unsupervised Learning
Deep Learning via Keras, Recommender Systems
Week 9: Big Data
Hadoop, Hive & Spark, Final project initiated
Week 10-12: Final Project

Meet your Instructors.

Info Sessions and Events.

Our next Metis Data Science bootcamp is scheduled to start on 15th December 2020. Contact Us to find out more.

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Employability Skills Workshop

The Employability Skills Workshop is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills to enhance their employability. Participants learn how to enhance their confidence in job search and sharpen their job search skills. For example, they learn how to write a good resume and best position their LinkedIn profile, what to wear to an interview, and how to handle interviews.

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Site Visits

Company Site Visits

Visit hiring companies, learn about their culture, and how companies use data science in their daily operations.


Mock Interviews

Participate in a technical interview, including whiteboard practice, with our instructors.


Speaker Series

Learn from industry experts through our invited speakers.

Career Day

Career Day

Present your final passion project to employers and meet hiring companies.

Companies where our alumni work:
Capital One
Brennan Biddle, Capital One
“We’ve been working with Metis for a few years now across several different geographies. Their talent bar is extremely high, and we repeatedly hire very strong candidates from them. Their curriculum, staff, and career partners tend to produce candidates that pass our rigorous interview process and then hit the ground running once they start.”